Wilson Creek Frozen 50k
TBA 2022 | Melba, Idaho

Wilson Creek 2021 Cancelled

We’ve made the tough decision to sit this one out. There will be no Wilson Creek 2021. Given winter weather logistics and the need for warmth and shelter, and given distancing requirements, we simply can’t produce an event that feels fun and free. We hope to see all of you in 2022.

In Memory

The 2020 Wilson Creek was dedicated to Dwight Schuh, my dad, who passed away about 2 weeks after the 2019 race. It’s always really been his…he introduced me to Wilson Creek and Reynolds Creek in the early 90’s before it was a thing. One time we encountered another runner and were shocked. Dwight ran the first Fatass Wilson Creek 50k in 2011. At 68, he won his age group in 2014 (10 mile) and also finished in 2012. If you’re interested, you can read his obituary here. ~Emily Schuh Berriochoa, Race Director

About Wilson Creek

The Wilson Creek Frozen 50k offers a unique, winter running experience on the stunning Wilson Creek trail system in January. Runners will traverse the Reynolds Creek gorge and summit Wilson Peak while braving the elements and enjoying the scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. These trails showcase southwest Idaho at its finest during a time of year when most people are watching the weather from the warmth of their homes. If you are looking for an epic adventure, you will not be disappointed.

The 10 M loop contains ~2200′ of elevation gain and the 20 M loop contains ~4900′ of elevation gain for a total ~7100′ of elevation gain for the 50k. The 50k is a combination of the two loops.

 THANK YOU to the Ness brothers and Silverline Films for producing this video of the 2012 Wilson Creek Frozen 50k!

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